About Us

About Us

Empowering Finance Professionals for Success

Welcome to Fintrainers, a leading provider of financial education and training for aspiring finance professionals. At our institution, we are committed to providing the highest quality of education and training to help our students achieve their career goals and become successful professionals in the finance industry.

Our courses and programs cover a wide range of topics, including the CFA, CMA, FRM, and Financial Modelling. Our expert instructors bring years of practical experience and knowledge to the classroom, providing our students with the insights and skills they need to succeed in their careers.

We believe that a successful career in finance requires not only a strong foundation in theory and concepts, but also practical experience and a deep understanding of industry trends and practices. That’s why we offer internship programs, one-on-one mentoring sessions, and networking opportunities to help our students gain hands-on experience and make meaningful connections in their industry.

Our institution is dedicated to creating a supportive and inclusive learning environment that fosters growth, development, and success. We believe that every student has the potential to become a successful finance professional, and we are committed to helping them achieve their goals.


Our Vision

We envision a diverse range of courses covering various subjects, from academic disciplines to practical skills, catering to learners of all levels. Our course catalog will offer in-depth, well-structured modules that are designed to deliver valuable insights and actionable knowledge.

Building Future

Globally the most comprehensive training program (200 hours per level for CFA) , (150 hours per part for CMA and FRM), (100 hours for FM) .


We offer convenient India and Global timings for our courses to ensure that our students can attend classes at a time that works best for them.

Practical internship experience

We also provide our students with guidance and support throughout their internships, with regular check-ins and evaluations to ensure that they are making progress towards their learning goals.


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